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Improve Your Company’s Real-Time Communication and Control

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Many companies struggle with a lack of real-time communication and control during the moments that matter most to their customers: when they are anxiously waiting for a product or service transaction. 

Limited communication choices, reactive communication, overly broad delivery or service windows, and a lack of relevant data for decision making can hit your company where it hurts.

If your business is plagued by any or all of these issues, Glympse has a solution. Let’s take a closer look at how our platform can improve your company’s real-time communication and control for a better, more effective customer experience and greater operational efficiency. 

Decrease Customer No-Shows To Offer a Better Customer Experience

Real-time communication is essential to providing a first-rate customer experience in today’s world. And real-time location-intelligent technology like Glympse can help build a connection between you and your customers. 

By sharing the live location and ETA of your delivery driver or service tech, you give your customers peace of mind and the chance to make sure they are home when their delivery or service tech arrives, resulting in fewer customer no-shows and a better customer experience. 

What’s more, Glympse’s AI capabilities (such as IVR, Virtual Assistant, and Chatbot) allow you to improve customer communication while decreasing traffic to your call center. Today’s AI is smart: with the ability to understand complex requests and personalize responses accordingly, AI solutions are poised to become a significant part of managing successful customer relationships in the years to come.

Your customers can utilize these tools to find the answers to their most common questions (such as, “Where is my delivery?” or “When will my service tech arrive?”), or to ensure they connect with the right representative when they call — reducing their time on hold and improving their experience. That’s better for the customer, and better for your business. Reducing traffic to your call center relieves stress on your staff and saves you money.

Glympse enables you to communicate with your customers through multiple channels, offering them a fully integrated experience. Omnichannel capabilities are becoming a crucial part of the customer experience: customers are looking for an efficient, reliable service that is willing to communicate with them on their channel of choice. 

Using your customers’ preferred methods of communication (such as email, interactive text messaging, interactive voice messaging, rich media messaging, and so on) will result in reduced call center traffic and happier customers.

Gain Better Control Through Proactive Communication

Reactive communication can only get you so far with your customers. It allows you to solve their problems in the end, but what if you could avoid many of those problems with a more proactive approach?

Proactive communication means anticipating your customers’ needs and questions and communicating first — rather than waiting for the customer to reach out with a problem.

Proactive communication boosts a customer’s confidence in their delivery or service technician’s arrival time, reducing the chance that they will need to contact your customer care team. And a customer will be much more likely to order from you again if you have a practice of proactively notifying them of changes in their delivery or appointment time.

When it comes to deliveries and appointments, the best customer care means always providing tracking information with realistic expectations. And in today’s market, if you aren’t providing tracking information with real-time updates, you are well below the curve.

You need to give your customer an accurate estimation of when to expect their package or service tech and provide real-time updates for the utmost in last-mile visibility. This gives your customers greater peace of mind as they wait, but it also helps to ensure they’re available to receive their delivery or meet their service person — cutting down on customer no-shows and lost packages.

Glympse offers multiple proactive, real-time communication and control methods to engage with customers in the moments that matter most. Not only do they receive proactive notifications about their delivery or appointment, but they also benefit from our innovative two-way communication solution. This allows your customers to communicate directly with the delivery driver, service technician, call center, or store using live messaging, IVR self-serve options, or voice assistant. 

Once their delivery or appointment is complete, customers are immediately prompted to give feedback, giving you the chance to quickly correct any problems that arise.

Offer Customers More Specific ETAs 

Glympse uses digital engagement, AI, and machine learning to give customers a narrow, manageable appointment window, rather than making them wait without knowing when their delivery or service tech will arrive. They also benefit from receiving the live location and real-time ETA of their driver or service tech when they’re en route (plus the ability to message their driver directly, as mentioned above).

When their delivery or technician is on the way, the customer receives a proactive notification (SMS, email or in-app notification) directing them to view a unique URL. The URL includes a web-based map and a delivery/appointment confirmation with options such as reschedule, add-to-calendar, and more.

Then, as the delivery or appointment time approaches, we display and update the location of the delivery driver or service technician on the map and provide a more specific and highly accurate ETA. If a delay occurs for any reason, the customer will receive a proactive notification informing them of the change in ETA. 

Collect Relevant Data to Aid Decision Making

Location data can highlight trends in your business to fuel better decision making and strategic improvements. Data collection is also a key part of offering more relevant products and services for your customers. Location data collected from a customer experience tool like Glympse can offer insight into which aspects of your business your target market is more likely to engage with, prompting improved marketing and a better customer experience. It can also aid in improving company efficiency. 

Collecting relevant data empowers your leadership to make better decisions and gives you tools to convince your team of necessary changes. Relevant data also gives you compelling evidence to assure your investors that their investment is sound.

With sufficient data, you can better anticipate customer needs, create more effective and relevant solutions, and improve your response time when issues arise. 

Glympse gives you a pipeline of continuous data that can help you improve your internal processes and optimize the experience you offer your customers.

Is it time to up your game when it comes to real-time communication and control? Contact us today to learn more about what Glympse can do for you!