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Using Location Data to Improve Your Customer Experience and Increase Employee Efficiency

In recent years, data collection has become an increasingly vital part of building a relevant, customer-focused company. Gathering data offers valuable insights about your target market and the efficiency of your internal processes and can improve customer experience. The right data can improve your marketing by allowing you to target groups or individuals based on detailed specifications (how they interact online, things they like on social media, and so on). Data can also help you anticipate customer needs, create effective solutions, and respond more quickly to any issues that arise. 

Location data can be especially useful in gathering information about customer behavior and employee efficiency. Routinely gathering data gleaned from location-based communication can help you develop actionable insights to create better-informed marketing strategies, construct more efficient internal processes, and improve the overall customer experience.

Make Informed Company Decisions

Good data empowers company leaders to make better decisions. It can help form a compelling business case to bring to your investors and provides the evidence you need to get buy-in from your whole team for company-wide changes. 

Looking at location-based communication data can help you assess trends in your processes, products, and customer experience so that you can continually improve them. A good location-based communication solution gives you a pipeline of continuous data that can inform company changes to optimize the experience you offer your customers.

Optimize Employee Efficiency

Location data can help you determine the most efficient ways to deliver goods and services to your customers. It allows you to:

  • Find inefficiencies: A location-based communication solution like Glympse gives you high visibility into the current status of your delivery drivers, allowing you to proactively address issues before they become more complex problems. Using this data, you will be able to find inefficiencies in your delivery process and plan more efficient routes, giving your customers better service and saving you money.
  • Improve route optimization: One of the biggest hurdles to efficient delivery of products and services is route logistics. There are so many variables involved in delivery, and even slight fluctuations can have a ripple effect that affects the overall experience. Advanced location data can help you mitigate the impact that changes in these variables can have on your overall performance. This data gives you more control over the delivery process, allowing you to improve the use of resources and get your products to your customers faster.
  • Reduce “Where is my delivery?” calls: With real-time customer notifications, location-based communication solutions significantly reduce the number of calls from customers wondering where their delivery or service tech is. With the ability to track the route of their delivery, customers can know when their package will arrive and be advised of updates to the delivery time without any additional work from your customer care team.

Improve the Customer Experience from Marketing to Delivery

The customer experience your company offers is arguably the most crucial part of keeping your business running successfully. Keeping your customers happy and engaged throughout their buying journey is a must, and location-based communication data can help you do that.

  • Utilize targeted marketing: Location data can help you refine your marketing to reach your customers with messaging that applies to them specifically. Offering deals based on location and suggesting add-ons that target your customers’ interests becomes easier and more effective with location data.
  • Set expectations: Setting expectations and then meeting them every time is a crucial part of building customer trust and loyalty. You don’t have to deliver everything immediately to make customers happy — you just need to communicate clearly with them about their delivery. Customers are almost always willing to wait as long as delivery expectations are made clear. Location data allows you to refine your estimates and keep customers apprised of any changes.
  • Offer real-time delivery notifications: With the rise of the smartphone era, customers now expect notifications in real time for every product or service they pay for. Using location data allows you to keep customers in the loop with delivery developments and changes as they happen. And not only does this keep your customers informed, it builds trust and strengthens their relationship with your company.
  • Invite Customers to Share their ETA for curbside pickup: When customers share their location data and ETA with you, your employees can be ready to bring items out to the car as soon as they arrive. This cuts down on wait time and provides what feels like a VIP experience for your customer. In a time when every retailer is now offering curbside pickup, this extra perk can put you at the top of the list in your customer’s mind.
  • Personalized communication: Today’s customers want fast, easy deliveries, but they still expect a human touch in all of their interactions with your company. Analyzing location data can help you provide that. Data helps you learn how much and what kind of communication your customer wants from you so you can find ways to deliver on their expectations. Personalizing your customer experience like this brings results in the form of higher engagement, greater revenue, and more conversions.

Case Study: Location-Based Communication Means Efficient Delivery and Curbside Pickup for Retail

A national chain of retail stores began using Glympse last year to provide seamless curbside pickup and delivery experiences for their customers, and has seen quick improvement of their processes and customer experience, as well as a return on their investment.

Our curbside pickup solution has allowed them to alert customers when their order is ready via email, SMS, or push notifications. It also helps them clearly communicate their contactless pickup process to help ensure a safe and seamless experience for both customers and staff. Customers are able to share their location so that store employees can be ready to bring their order out to their car upon arrival. It has resulted in increased staff efficiency, reduced customer wait time, and a better experience for everyone. They estimate that 70% of their customers have begun using the curbside pickup tool, resulting in a 50% reduction in customer wait time!

Glympse has helped this retail chain improve their home delivery service over the past year as well, using omnichannel visibility to communicate with customers regarding the location of their order and when to expect it to arrive. On the day of delivery, the customer receives real-time notifications and updates throughout the day. Once the delivery driver is in route to their home, they are able to see the ETA and live location of the driver. They are also able to communicate with the driver and leave feedback as needed. This has not only resulted in an elevated customer experience, but has also significantly reduced “where is my package?” calls to customer care and helped ensure that customers are available to receive their orders, reducing the need to reschedule delivery.

In this case, using location data has been essential to improve the customer experience and increase employee efficiency. This retail chain has seen quick, significant results from implementing Glympse’s location-sharing solution.

Glympse is the only built-for-mobility SaaS company that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve their customer satisfaction by eliminating the friction and anxiety of product and service delivery experiences. From food and product delivery to roadside assistance and more, Glympse is taking location data to a whole new level for businesses.

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