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Advantages of Investing in Location-Based Communication

Delivery tracking has become a vital part of providing top-notch customer service in today’s fast-paced digital world. Customers are no longer satisfied with simply knowing their delivery is “on the way”. They want to be able to know precisely where it is and when to expect it to arrive. That’s where a location-based communication solution like Glympse comes into play.

This type of solution offers customers not only an ETA of their package or service tech but also real-time updates and continuous communication throughout the entire customer journey. But more than that, a good location-based communication solution not only improves the customer experience, it also boosts employee productivity and offers you valuable insight to inform future business decisions and growth. There are countless advantages of investing in a location-based communication solution—let’s dive into a few of them.

Improve Customer Experience with Location-based Communication

Meet customers where they already are—on their phones. Our solution is highly customizable and flexible, allowing you to engage with your customers through unique experiences that match your brand and business processes. Both you and your customers will benefit from:

Proactive notifications

When a package or service tech is running late, customers don’t want to have to call or message someone to find out what’s happening. Proactive notifications ease your customers’ anxiety by keeping them informed. Plus, customers are much more likely to order from you again if you have a practice of notifying them as soon as a change occurs in their delivery time.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time location sharing technology helps bridge the gap between you and your customer. By sharing the live location and ETA of your service tech or delivery drivers, you give your customers peace of mind, knowing when to expect them to arrive. Since they can see when their delivery or tech will be there, they are more likely to be prepared to be home to greet them, resulting in fewer customer no-shows and an overall better experience for your customers. 

Two-Way Communication

Communication is key to a successful customer journey. Using a location-based solution increases customer satisfaction by offering improved communication throughout the delivery and curbside pickup processes. Not only do customers receive notifications about their delivery, they are also able to communicate directly with the delivery driver or service technician, using live messaging, self-service IVR, and voice assistant skills. Customers are also able to give near-immediate feedback, offering you the chance to correct any issues that arise right away.

Proof of Delivery

Tracking and proof of delivery data are important for traceability if a package is lost or delayed. It also helps calm customer anxiety when their shipment or service tech is delayed, as they can see where they are and when to expect them to arrive. This in turn will reduce those “where is my package” customer care calls, easing both cost and strain on your staff.

Safety and Security

Ensuring that customers (and staff, for that matter) feel that they and their data are safe is crucial to a positive customer experience. Data security and privacy are important to us here at Glympse, as indicated by our SOC 2 Type 2 Certification. We never sell data to third parties, and all data is disassociated from account information after 48 hours by default.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Inefficiencies and Costs

The final leg of the shipping process is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the process, making up 53% of the cost. With a location-based communication solution like Glympse, there are a host of opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In fact, at Glympse we have been able to reduce our partner’s costs by as much as 40%! 

It’s difficult to find ways to improve your inefficiencies without technology in place to collect data. With Glympse you can use collected real-time data—including location and odometer metrics—to find inefficiencies and learn where improvements are needed. You will be able to track delivery routes, drive time, and time spent at delivery locations and other spots along the route, then use those insights to optimize your route plans. Optimizing your delivery routes will not only result in on-time deliveries, but will also save you money by reducing fuel consumption and improving customer retention.

We also help you leverage customer engagement to increase your revenue by using personalized upsells and special offers at the moment of service. And gathering intelligence surrounding what your customers care about will help you serve them better. Not only does this improve your bottom line, it also keeps customers coming back.

Many of our clients have also seen increased revenue through fewer customer cancellations and reschedules. And since customers don’t need to take the extra step of calling in to check on when their delivery or service tech will arrive, there will be fewer phone calls for your team to field (we helped one client reduce their customer care calls by 35%!). Reduced call volume with low-touch communication and the ability for customers to offer quick feedback results in happier customers, more efficient staff, and decreased customer care costs.

Beat Out the Competition

Today’s customers have high expectations when it comes to the delivery of products or services. And if you aren’t meeting those expectations, you can bet that a competitor will.

A location-based communication solution not only helps you deliver on time, it also helps drive customer engagement. Beyond a simple text notification with a broad ETA, Glympse provides you with a powerful channel to engage with your customers through personalized marketing, customer service, upselling opportunities, and e-commerce options. Most customers who use Glympse will spend upwards of 5 minutes actively engaging with the solution during each step of the customer journey.

By meeting or exceeding expectations and keeping customers happy and engaged, you are more likely to beat out the competition and hold on to your customers.

Location-based Communication Improves Your ROI

Increasing customer retention rates, shortening the service window, reducing customer no-shows, improving staff efficiency, and reducing the volume of support calls helps to ensure your delivery efforts are as profitable as possible. This will be crucial in both beating out the competition and improving your overall ROI. Using a location-based communication solution like Glympse helps you do all of this and more, resulting in a streamlined delivery process that keeps the profits rolling in.

If your company is ready to implement a location-based communication solution, our team at Glympse is here to help. Contact us today to get started!