Visibility Solutions for Yard Management and Efficiency

Optimized personalized routing, automated alerts, and better visibility for drivers and yard teams.

Navigating Yards and Large Facilities should be Easy

Safety and timing are everything in a busy yard, but the reality is usually complicated: Trucks get lost or take the wrong route, Yard jockeys are inefficient. The lack of visibility into carriers and shipments cause process inefficiencies and congestion. Demurrage charges, detention fees, truck emissions, and safety risks increase.

Glympse is the Uber-Like, Geo-Location Solution for You

Glympse is an automated, hands-free solution that guides drivers turn-by-turn through a yard. Yard teams can view trucks’ position on a map from a screen in the office, automatically receive real-time alerts when trucks are nearby, and gain visibility into precise arrival times, time on site and more.

A Safer Yard

Carriers receive turn-by-turn directions based on your designated routes. Keep traffic flowing safely and efficiently, from gate-in to gate-out.

Better Communication, Coordination

Clearer location visibility and easy communication features allow carriers and yard teams to precisely coordinate tasks and problem solve faster.

Reduced Idle Time and Emissions

Ensure drivers are traveling efficiently and arriving at the right place, every time. Reduce congestion, costly idle times, and wasted fuel.

Easy to Use

Glympse is an intuitive, Uber-like solution for mobile devices or a desktop. Drivers and yard teams love the visualization and automation!

Glympse for Yard Management and Efficiency:
Key Features

With Glympse, you get a scalable and flexible geo-location solution for yard logistics.

Safety Above All

  • Keep everyone safe by directing carriers to the same, approved routes and turn-around areas.
  • Easily create new routes to accommodate traffic, the addition/removal of storage yards, seasonality, etc.
  • Reduce congestion and dwell times at entrances, at the site, and at exits.

For Drivers: Know the When, Where and How

  • Geo-fencing technology triggers automatic, audible directions to the yard entrance and the correct dock.
  • Hands-free, turn-by-turn directions for the designated route – no more yard sign confusion or looking at a device.
  • One-tap ability to communicate with yard teams if needed.
  • Alerts about busy times to reduce congestion and waiting.
  • Automatic messaging for yard hazards, safety alerts, paperwork reminders, and more.

For Yard Teams: Prepare, Optimize and Anticipate

  • Automatic mobile or desktop alerts when a carrier is nearby or entering the yard
  • Real-time, in-transit carrier ETAs for better process alignment
  • One-tap chat option for easy communication with drivers
  • Visually track arrivals on a map
  • Know about late deliveries or issues before they become a crisis

For Management: Safer and Streamlined Yards

  • Glympse app and desktop experiences are fully branded to reflect your company.
  • Responsive design for easy use on any device.
  • Optional feature to request driver feedback/ratings on yard experience.
  • Track sustainability metrics to align with your corporate goals and/or customer goals.
  • Examples of out-of-the-box reporting and metrics include:
  • Pick-up time vs actual time, Property arrival and departure time, Total wait/idle time, Average driver speed, Times by carrier, Wait time for scale (arrival and departure)

You Name it. We can Build it.

If you need something custom, our professional services team will build the right tools and tech for your needs.

Glympse for Yard Management: FAQs

Yes! Glympse can integrate to send and receive updates with your in-house or third-party logistics systems.

We work with you to make sure adoption is a breeze and fits the needs of your teams and carriers.

Glympse can be used on any iOS or Android device, as well as desktops. Glympse is customizable to reflect your brand, and its responsive design makes it easy to use on desktop or mobile. Glympse functions via both wi-fi or cellular signal.

The Glympse platform is extensible and flexible, so we can develop a solution that’s specific to your needs and way of doing business. Let’s talk!

Glympse is Secure, Private, and Temporary

We don’t harvest or sell your information. After 48 hours, location data is disassociated with account information.