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How Glympse Helps Boost Customer Care While Reducing Call Center Traffic

Customer experience is as important in 2021 as ever. Today’s customers expect a high level of service at every step of their journey. In fact, 74% of consumers are likely to buy from a company based solely on their experience with them. The cost of providing a top-notch customer experience is nothing to shrug at—it can and often does – take up a large percentage of a company’s budget. But neglecting the customer experience can be equally costly.

What if we told you that Glympse could help you improve your customer experience and reduce operational costs? It’s true: Our platform allows you to offer customers the personalized, two-way communication they want without having to call your customer care team, thereby lowering operational costs and strain on your employees. With Glympse you can boost customer care while reducing call center traffic, leading to a better experience for your customers and a healthier bottom line for your business.

Great Communication is Increasingly Vital to Customer Care

Today’s consumers expect to be able to place orders, set appointments, and manage their accounts online. But they still value good communication. Truly, the consumer expectation for personalized communication is even higher than before. 

Your customers value receiving your attention through personalized customer service and a great overall experience. Now more than ever, radically personal customer service gives consumers what they want most—connection, speed, and confidence in their purchase. It’s at the heart of developing strong long-term relationships with your customers. A consumer is more likely to become a repeat customer if they have a great experience with your company. In fact: 

84% of customers would go out of their way to spend more money with a company that offered them top-notch service.

Good communication removes uncertainty around delivery or service tech arrival time, heightens customer satisfaction, and ultimately helps you retain customers and lower your operational costs. Glympse helps you create a solid channel for that communication.

Reduce Call Volume AND Boost Customer Care with Glympse

Here’s how it works: 

  • First, the customer receives a proactive notification via an SMS, email or in-app notification directing them to view a unique URL. The URL includes a web-based map, as well as a delivery/appointment confirmation with reschedule, add-to-calendar options and more. 
  • Then, as the delivery or appointment time draws closer, we display and update the location of the delivery driver or service technician on the map and provide a very accurate ETA.
  • In addition, if a delay occurs for any reason, the customer will receive a proactive notification informing them of the change in ETA. 

This proactive communication increases customer confidence in their delivery or service technician’s arrival time, thereby reducing their need to call your customer care team for updates.

One of the ways Glympse improves customer communication is through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration. IVR allows you to offer your customers self-serve options for their delivery or service appointment questions. Customers looking for information such as “When is my appointment?” or “Where is my delivery driver?” no longer need to talk directly to a customer service representative (and wait on hold) to get an answer. They are given menus and prompts to obtain this information and more—including the real-time location of their delivery driver—without needing to speak to a customer care representative.

What’s more, the innovative two-way communication enabled through the Glympse platform allows your customers to instantly send messages directly to the delivery driver, service technician, call center or store to let them know if the delivery or appointment needs to be rescheduled or canceled. This leads to fewer no-shows, better route schedule optimization, and reduced call center traffic.

Our IVR enhancement allows Glympse clients to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. It also boosts loyalty with self-service visibility into the location and ETA of service appointments and deliveries. As a result, this personalized, proactive communication leads to both reduced call center traffic and improved customer satisfaction.

The Proof is in the Pudding: Case Studies

Our clients have consistently reported significant reductions in customer care calls after implementing Glympse. Consider the results these clients have experienced:

A national roadside assistance service wanted to provide their customers with visibility and live tech tracking to help relieve their stress while waiting for a service technician. To address this concern, our team created a robust solution that shows accurate ETA and allows for two-way communication between the stranded motorist and the service tech, with the ability to cancel the service if needed. Once this solution was implemented, the company experienced a 30% reduction in customer care calls while providing better communication for their customers.

A national lawn care service sought to reduce inbound calls inquiring about service tech arrival time and appointment rescheduling. Glympse created a solution that allows them to automatically send their customers appointment reminders and updates throughout each step of the customer journey. Customers also have the opportunity to reschedule and rate their service all from the same platform. As a result, the company saw an immediate 25% reduction in customer care calls, increasing to a 35% reduction once IVR was adopted.

A leading supermarket chain knew that offering basic delivery and pickup services wouldn’t be enough to stand out among their competitors. They needed a solution that would offer easy communication with visibility, timely notifications, and customer engagement at the center. Our platform has allowed them to keep their customers informed throughout their buying journey, as well as connect and engage with them to ensure an exceptional customer experience. In addition to happier customers, they saw a cost savings through a 63% reduction in customer care calls!

A large telecommunications company was already using SMS notifications to remind customers of their appointments, but they were still experiencing high call volume from customers inquiring about their technician’s status. To address this need, Glympse enhanced their SMS notifications by adding location. Now, customers receive a text with a link to a map that provides accurate and updated ETAs and a live map when their tech is on the way. In addition, they added our IVR integration to further address customer care. After only 90 days, they reduced their customer care calls by 21%. But once they introduced IVR to this mix, call volume was reduced by a whopping 68%, saving them millions of dollars in monthly costs!

As you can see, a variety of industries can benefit from the introduction of Glympse’s platform and IVR integration capabilities. Reducing customer care calls and the costs that go with them while also improving customer communication and satisfaction may sound like a dream, but it can be your reality.

Glympse can help your business boost customer care while reducing call center traffic with our easy-to-implement platform—contact us today to learn more.