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A Glimpse Into What Makes Glympse Unique

Glympse isn’t the only location sharing platform out there. However, we do have some unique areas that differentiate us from our competition.  Our platform powers proactive customer engagement, improves customer experience and operational efficiency and, ultimately, saves our customers money.

What Makes Glympse Different

1. We Have Over 14 years of Experience

Glympse has a solid foundation of experienced leadership, with expert team members knowledgeable in safe and secure location technology. We’ve been developing sophisticated location-based technology for both enterprise and mid-market businesses for more than a decade.

Over the years we have remained true to our convictions — that location sharing should be safe, secure, temporary, and controlled — even as we refine, expand, and push the boundaries of our business model. All with the end goal of bringing that same rich location sharing experience to new industries.

2. We Are SOC II Type 2 Certified

We are proudly SOC II Type 2 Certified. This certification assures our platform is not only technologically groundbreaking to its customers, but that it also achieves the highest standards in its security policies and data protection procedures. For more information on what the SOC II Type 2 Certification entails, take a look at this blog we wrote on the topic.

3. We Have Cool Battery Optimized Solutions

Glympse’s platform has been developed to maximize efficiency and minimize mobile phone battery consumption as much as possible. We have spent over a decade perfecting this and even have a patent around this. 

To provide real-time location sharing, Glympse utilizes a mobile device’s internal GPS, which uses a modest amount of battery. When the app is in the background, it uses minimal battery; When it is actively sharing a user’s location, it requires more battery usage due to the use of GPS on the device.

4. We Are Innovative, Intuitive, Flexible, and Scalable

At Glympse, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. Our state-of-the-art technology is prescriptive and enables intelligent dialogue through your customer’s channel of choice, ultimately deflecting calls from your customer support team (and saving you money!).

We also recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we built our open-architecture platform to be intuitive, flexible, and scalable, and therefore better suited to meet your unique needs.

Glympse is much more robust than a simple “track-and-trace solution”. Our platform uses 2-way messaging, chatbot interfaces, customer care interfaces, and proactive notifications to facilitate communication between the right people at the right time when it matters most.

5. Our Customers Love the Benefits of Partnering With Us

Our branded journey experience is what makes Glympse so powerful; but what makes it exceptional are the features that go along with that experience. Our customers choose us for the branded journey experience, but they stay with us because of the benefits they realize by using our platform:

  • Operational Savings. Glympse’s communication platform drives and delivers proactive customer engagement that increases customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs. On average, Glympse customers save $9 for every $1 they spend with us!
  • Reduced Call Center Volume. Glympse’s customer engagement system reduces strain on customer service and operations while simultaneously creating happier customers. By anticipating customer needs and proactively engaging with them in their channel of choice throughout the critical period of order placement through order completion, we provide an exceptional customer experience while directing traffic away from your call center.
  • Increased CSAT and NPS scores. Making customers wait on hold hurts your NPS and CSAT scores. Our platform allows customers to know exactly when to expect their delivery or service technician, not only improving your scores but reducing missed deliveries and customer no-shows. This means satisfied customers and increased operational efficiency.
  • Immediate Capture of Feedback. Glympse allows you to request feedback immediately following a product delivery or service appointment, so you can respond to customer concerns in real time.
  • Proactive Communication. Use 2-way messaging, proactive communication, and notifications to engage with customers in the moments that matter most.
  • Real-time Location Data. Glympse uses AI to anticipate customer needs and preferences, machine learning to understand when and how to communicate, and so much more.
  • Voice Interface Capabilities. Glympse’s IVR, Virtual Assistant, and Chatbot capabilities allow you to improve customer communication while decreasing traffic to your call center.

Want to learn more about what Glympse can do for your company? Contact us today!