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A Guide To Filling the Field Service Talent Gap: What To Know

Today, companies are facing unique challenges. The Great Resignation saw a lot of talented employees leave the workforce, and many of them have been hesitant to return. Now, there is a widening skill and talent gap. This means that companies are having a difficult time finding people with the right skills to fill open positions. With a shrinking pool of workers, how can companies maintain productivity and optimize growth? Furthermore, we are entering something dubbed the “Silver Tsunami,” which will only further decrease the pool of technicians available. Companies may have a difficult time meeting the needs of their clients, which will place further demand on the employees who stay. This could harm employee morale. What do companies need to know? There are a few steps companies can take to mitigate the impact of this development. 

Embracing new technology

Companies Must Embrace New Technology

Even though it will take an upfront investment, companies need to embrace new technology. New technology is important because it can help businesses get more out of each individual employee. That way, companies don’t have to worry about hiring as many people while decreasing their talent gap.

Furthermore, new technology, such as augmented reality programs, can make it much easier for inexperienced workers to gain the knowledge and experience they need quickly and easily. There are also numerous mobile learning tools that can make it easier for employees to learn while on the job. This could make it easier for some employees to work remotely, expanding the potential talent pool available to businesses. If workers have the ability to look up solutions in a job, they will also have an easier time meeting the needs of their customers and clients, which can further boost productivity. 

Invest in Two-Way Communication Between Customers and Technicians

Two-way communication between customers and technicians

Companies also need to invest in two-way communication. Communication has never been more important, particularly with a lot of employees working remotely or from home. For example, some employees might need a corrected address, a gate code, or directions to get to the destination. The fastest way to deal with these issues is to invest in two-way communication software that can help technicians stay updated. Remember, frustrated employees can lead to a larger talent gap.

When you equip your customers to share important information with your technicians, you are also giving your technicians the information they need to handle jobs correctly on the first attempt. This can save time and money while also increasing customer loyalty.

As an example, you may want to Glympse, which will give your technicians and customers the ability to talk to each other directly. You also give your customers the ability to send a direct message to the local office or call center. Communication streamlines everything, shortening turnaround times and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Invest in Real-Time ETA Tracking and Appointment Reminder Software With Glympse

Customers are no longer okay with having large appointment windows. You should not expect them to miss an entire day of work for a service call. With real-time tracking information from numerous delivery and rideshare apps, customers expect to have real-time updates on the location of their service technicians. With Glympse, you can show customers exactly where their technician is. You can also reduce the number of failed appointments, which can help you increase revenue growth. This is another way you can stay one step ahead of the competition by imbuing your customers with a sense of loyalty and increasing employee satisfaction.

While it can be a challenge to survive in an environment with a shrinking talent pool, there are ways you can place your business in the best position possible to be successful. Invest in the right technology, and you can optimize the productivity of your employees.