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Your Customer Service Experience is More Important Than You Think

It’s no secret that competition within the business world is cutthroat. This is especially true in industries that offer similar products. For example, gym equipment are all essentially the same thing. You have your dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, gym mats, battle ropes, benches, iron plates, etc. Besides a few key features such as how aggressive the barbell’s knurling is, almost all gym equipment from any brand offer the same solution. So how does someone in the gym equipment industry make their company stand out from the competition?

The answer is your customer service. Specifically, your last mile customer service experience. This can make or break your last impression on your customer. Do you leave a fantastic customer experience that will create a lifetime loyal customer or do you leave a miserable customer experience that will create disdain or worst, bad word of mouth which can be devastating.

Customer Service Experience Is Your Best Experience

Customer experience is a journey that starts with how your business deals with new customers. Systems in place that will allow your new customers to get detailed information about their recent order is paramount to a positive customer experience. With Glympse, customer experience is designed from the ground-up with scheduling confirmation, 2-way chat, and automatic customer notifications. During the day of delivery or service, customers are notified that their driver is en route to their designated location. They will receive a link to a live map that will continually update the drivers location until they arrive at their doorstep.

If customers experience any issues with their order or experience (or want to leave a positive review for the delivery or service provided), they can leave feedback as soon as the task has been completed. By asking for feedback immediately after the job, this allows your customers to easily and privately communicate with your business or business management about their experience in real-time when they are experiencing your business and not after they leave.

A Word From Glympse’s CEO

Customer service has evolved quickly over the past few years thanks to the rise of Amazon. Our CEO Chris Ruff has seen trends that support this:

“The last couple of years, customers have been really patient. They were willing to accept any customer experience they were given. A lot of this had to do with the fact that we were in a lockdown during a pandemic. What has changed now is we’re getting back to normal. And in fact, I would argue people are now expecting a more enhanced experience. Changes in demographics. Folks who are millennials and gen zers don’t want to make phone calls. They don’t want to be told over the phone. They want to have digital updates and digital alerts. And so it’s important that you modernize your customer communication experience so it meets the evolving needs of the industry. The other thing is that people put service as high as they do the product, and oftentimes they’ll take their dollars and spend with the companies that provide them the best service. And this gets proven over and over again in the way people shop and the services they demand.”

– Chris Ruff, CEO of Glympse

Customer Service Done Better With Glympse

Glympse is the pioneer of location technology and the leading geo-location tracking platform with built-in customer notifications and communications. We provide best-in-class location-based technology to capture, ingest and process data to predictively visualize and provide notifications & updates to where people, products and assets are while in motion.

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