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Improve Customer Experience and Operations with Glympse

“Our industry is cautious of change. Glympse got buy-in with us very quickly. My staff can’t do their jobs without Glympse,” said Brian Kraiselwicz, a pizza franchise owner in Georgia. He is one of many pizza franchisees to implement Glympse to improve customer experience and operations.

Partnering with Drivosity, Glympse provides visibility for pizza restaurants to their customers throughout the delivery process. Sharing the live location and ETA of a driver allows a digital customer experience that significantly improves the last mile and store operations. The key is that this experience doesn’t require any additional interaction from the drivers or additional store equipment such as mobile phones. Glympse uses Drivosity’s GPS pucks, in the car topper, to transmit location to both the store and to the end customer. The result is improved productivity, valuable insights, and a safe, contactless experience.

Providing Value and Improving Productivity

Glympse improved productivity for all of Brian’s locations. Most phone calls come to the stores on the busiest nights, many calling to ask, “Where is my pizza?”  Each time an employee answers a phone call, they fall further behind in making pizzas. Adding Glympse has eliminated most of the “Where is my pizza?” calls. Even if the pizza is a few minutes late, the customer knows when to expect the delivery so they do not need to call to ask. 

“Our team understood the value [of Glympse] when we recently opened a new restaurant,” Brian continued. “Team members covering the store without the Glympse package insisted that we implement Glympse at the new store, as it really helped operations.” 

Data Provides Valuable Insights

Brian shared the importance of the 30-minute delivery window. “This is gospel,” as he put it. Previously, there was no real way to understand if they were hitting this 30-minute window. Once Glympse was in place, Brian was stunned by the revelation that they were not even close to this number. Reviewing the Glympse data, Brian and his team were able to see where the inefficiencies were. They could see the various routes drivers were taking, the time spent in the parking lot, the time spent at a delivery location – and make improvements to all.

The customer experience is better with Glympse, too. Brian shared that because customers can see when their order will arrive, they are more prepared to be home and able to open the door just as the driver is walking up the sidewalk.

Safety and Security

When asked what concerns his team had in implementing Glympse, Brian shared that his drivers were concerned about having customers know their exact location. However, upon using Glympse his team has said this actually proves to be positive.

For example, there have been circumstances when a delivery driver’s car is stalled (think rural areas, snowstorms, etc) and the customer has been the one to call the restaurant to let them know there is a problem. This benefit coupled with the improvement of in-store operations has made Glympse a winning solution for Brian and his team.

It also supports contactless delivery. When the customer knows exactly when their delivery driver will arrive, they can be ready and waiting for the contactless hand-off, helping to keep everyone safe.

The last mile experience is one of the most crucial parts of the customer experience. Brands should maximize this window of opportunity to build trust with their customers through accurate information and communication. Companies that focus on the last mile customer experience consistently experience improved customer loyalty and cost-saving operational efficiencies.

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