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Want 45% Feedback Ratings on Your Surveys? We Know The Secret.

1 out of every 26 customers is likely to bring up their complaints about their experience. The other 25 customers who didn’t leave complaints will just take their business elsewhere. What does this mean for your business? You are losing 25 customers for every 26 customer complaints without knowing why your customers are upset

Business progress and operational improvements depend on feedback received from customers. Without a proper feedback system, you are losing the opportunity to reclaim lost customers or missing out on other important positive criticism.

Could I use any feedback software?

While there are many customer feedback software out there in the market, not all are created equal. Some feedback software sends feedback surveys 2 days after delivery. In some cases, feedback is asked before the service has been completed. This is unacceptable as many customers will ignore these types of feedback requests. Worst case scenario, they will see your company as NOT consumer friendly.

Glympse aimed to solve this problem.

With Glympse’s immediate feedback feature , customers receive a feedback survey immediately upon job or delivery completion. Our feedback prompts are displayed directly in the journey experience where customers are engaged so they are more likely to fill out the survey. We implemented immediate capture of appointment or delivery feedback so you can respond to customer concerns in real-time.

This allows your customers to easily and privately communicate with your business or business management about their experience in real-time, that is, when they are experiencing your business and not after they leave. A customer care agent or manager can follow-up with and/or respond to that feedback to resolve issues in real-time before your customers leave your business unhappy. Glympse’s real-time feedback helps turn negative experiences into positive interactions and reviews. 

Why does this matter? Because we can route poor feedback to a customer care agent for immediate follow up or prompt your customer to share great feedback on social media.

In fact, Glympse gets an impressive 42% feedback rate on our instant feedback given to customers. This means your business is less likely to miss out on your customers’ positive and negative feedback.

Why Does Glympse Value Instant Feedback?

Our CEO, Chris Ruff, weighs in on the importance of feedback software:

“The way a lot of industries ask for feedback from their customers is arcane and outdated. I stay in over 40 hotel rooms a year, and mostly I get a feedback request two to three days after my stay. If I had a really good stay, I’m probably unlikely to comment on it. If I had a mediocre stay, I probably would be unlikely to comment. I’m only going to comment when the experience is really bad. And at that point, it’s already 3 days too late, and maybe I’ve decided to stay in a different hotel at that point. So companies really need to rethink how they get feedback from their customers.

In a modern world like Amazon, you can provide feedback immediately. There are digital tools available right at the point of purchase or easily available upon receipt of your products. And that’s the way businesses need to think. At Glympse, we believe in that. And at the end of our customer experience journey, we allow for feedback immediately from customers. When it’s a lower than expected score, we route that information to customer service so they can then give the customer a call or offer them some kind of compensation to really provide a much better experience.

We know that we get ten times the feedback, because if you ask immediately, people will respond across the spectrum from good to bad. If you wait two days, you’re really probably only getting the outliers.”

– Chris Ruff, CEO of Glympse

Glympse, Your Choice for Feedback Software and Location Intelligence

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