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Customer Engagement with Technicians in Mind

A happy and safe mobile workforce is key to delivering exceptional customer service. Field service tools, such as Glympse, allow technicians to do the work they love with as little distraction as possible while increasing customer engagement. Here’s how the Glympse solution is designed to fit into a technician’s busy day.

1. Works with existing technology and processes

Glympse is designed to respect technicians’ time and safety while fitting easily into your current processes.

Glympse has existing integrations with software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce Service Cloud, Verizon Connect, Oracle, Descartes, and more. For new software integrations, our Glympse APIs and SDK tools allow us to accept your job details in a standard fashion. Since Glympse plugs into top field service management platforms, there’s no steep learning curve for staff, and we can be an invisible value add to your current workflows.

2. Designed for mobile field service

Field service technicians are always mobile and driving to the next job site. That’s why we built Glympse to meet the challenges of a workforce on the move.

If the company has it set as such, busy technicians can simply start driving to their designated location and mark “en route” to start the hands free notification process. This one small action removes the need for a phone call and increases the chance of finding happy customers on arrival.

Through various GPS and geo-location technologies, Glympse ensures that your GPS tracking is accurate and functional in almost every location on the map! Additionally, our geo-fencing technology allows you to add more notifications to give customers a heads up when you are minutes away. No more picking up the phone or taking your hands off the wheel.

3. Protects control and privacy

Increased visibility naturally raises privacy and safety concerns for technicians. Your team will want to know who can see their location, and when?

At Glympse, we allow customers to view a technician’s location ONLY when they are marked “en route” to a job site. No other customer can view the location of the driver. When the technician has arrived at the desired location, GPS tracking will cease and the customer will no longer be able to view the technician’s live location.

Glympse takes privacy very seriously. We have taken measures to ensure our customers’ privacy and safety. We are so committed to safety, Glympse has taken the necessary steps to comply with the AICPA Security Trust Principles and Criteria for Security (SOC 2 Type 2). Our company is very proud of this accomplishment and ensures all our staff continue to comply with these standards.

The value of customer-centric service delivery

It’s clear that by putting customers first, you can also make life easier for field technicians and for your overall business performance. Operational visibility leads to reduced multitasking, increased access, and a comfortable, safer working environment for operatives.

The Glympse platform is built with your mobile workforce in mind. Our software is designed to fit into operatives’ routines and empower companies to provide a better service. To find out more, get in touch with us today.