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Put Some Pep Into Your Step: An Introduction to Glympse PRO

At Glympse, we understand that your average day is one filled with emails, endless calls… and time-consuming processes. It’s that last point that can be a major drain on not just your productivity, but that of your staff as well.

Thankfully, there is a way to “put some pep into your step” and make your job easier and more efficient.

Introducing: Glympse PRO

Glympse PRO is a solution built with small businesses in mind, solving for your customer’s biggest pain point – the wait. It improves your company’s customer experience (CX) by providing real-time visibility into upcoming service visits. 

Using Glympse PRO you can send your customers automated reminders of their appointment, complete with real-time location tracking, to ensure they are ready and available when the technician arrives. This helps your customer better plan their day around the service visit, and helps you eliminate wasted trips due to customer unavailability. 

The solution itself offers a robust array of features that expand upon the already successful Glympse En Route offering. That enterprise solution was used as the foundation for creating Glympse PRO, finally brining everything notable into the world of small businesses for the first time. 

The App Advantage

All of this is important because customers value transparency above almost all else. They don’t just want to know that a technician is coming on Tuesday between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. You can’t plan a day with a window that large. They want to know where their technician is at any given time. They want to be able to communicate with them throughout the day. They don’t want to be constantly asking themselves “where is my technician?” They want to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt. And now they can.

In the end, Glympse PRO is more than just a live map and an ETA solution. It engages the end customer in an exciting way via a multi-step, high quality experience. Automated location triggered messages and smart pushes can dynamically trigger messaging based on real-time events, creating a wonderful experience for both customers and technicians alike.

Glympse PRO offers the following: 

  • Automated reminders and notifications of appointment time sent to your customer via email and/or SMS text
  • Ability for your customers on day-of-service to see the technician’s location and progress to their destination, estimated arrival time (ETA), service updates and more
  • A Feedback Survey is presented to your customers immediately upon conclusion of the appointment
  • Customizable colors, business logo uploading, and proof of delivery options
  • An easy way to create or upload daily jobs and assign to drivers, as well as add technicians
  • Geo-fence options that expire upon arrival 
  • Peace of mind around location data security and privacy, as Glympse is SOC 2 Type II certified 

Get started with Glympse PRO today by visiting, and keep that pep in your step!