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The Missing Link with Logistics Service Providers: Final Mile Tracking

For logistics service providers looking to drive innovation, keep up with demand, and accelerate change, the time to adopt the necessary final mile tracking technology is now. The push of online sales is expected to be valued at $1.1 trillion over the next six years. With a rapidly shifting marketplace and heightened customer expectations, logistics service providers have an opportunity to make 2022 their most inventive year yet. 

What are Logistics Service Providers

​​Logistics Service Providers, or LSPs, help manage services such as warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation, freight shipping, and overall supply chain management.  

There are multiple levels of logistics service providers, from 1PL to 10PL. The popular approach with both small and large businesses are third-party logistics companies or 3PLs. 3PLs manage inbound and outbound transportation and help save time and money. 

3PLs have a big-picture strategy. Complex shipping solutions are an excellent match for their transportation management software (TMS) and business intelligence (BI) tools. In addition, 3PLs have in-depth knowledge of the industry, which helps maximize its people, processes, and technology.

Where the Final Mile Tracking Gap Lies

The marathon of order fulfillment, shipping, and delivery can be exhausting. However, the last mile is key for customer retention and meeting expectations. 

Many logistics software companies claim to provide end-to-end solutions related to real-time tracking for order deliveries. And some companies do offer this to a degree. Still, the real value is providing customers with complete visibility of where their orders are and when they can expect the delivery, as well as the data captured around those processes

For example, imagine a customer who realizes they missed a call from an unknown number at their desk. Then, they receive a notification that their time-critical delivery is delayed because their delivery partner could not reach them. With no insights into where their packages currently are or when their delivery is rescheduled for, customers get frustrated. As a result, they often begin looking elsewhere for a better experience. 

Situations like this call for better final mile tracking. Final mile tracking gives businesses and their customers better visibility, control, and insights into their deliveries, ultimately resulting in fewer missed deliveries. You also give your customer support team the ability to resolve issues promptly with automatic feedback surveys sent to customers right after delivery. 

So, why does it matter? First, 3PLs need to meet end-consumer concerns and demands. In a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, consumers care more about delivery cost, speed, control over delivery, and returns as the supply chain shortages continue.

End consumers no longer accept the traditional “Your order out for delivery” messages. Deliveries are more urgent, and the risk of losing customers to competitors is at an all-time high. 

Glympse’s Role with Logistics Service Providers

Glympse provides all the functionality, data, and visibility needed for final mile tracking. Glympse also sets itself apart from other tracking solutions with its powerful geofencing platform that powers proactive customer engagement. 

Other platforms typically offer breadcrumb tracking, but that no longer works for businesses with critical deliveries such as pharmaceuticals or medical devices. 

Third-party logistics providers are reaching out to companies like Glympse to implement more robust tracking. These 3PLs want a real-time, customer-facing location platform to connect to their current technology seamlessly. In addition, they see the need to provide real-time location tracking to reduce call center volume, capture data, communicate in real-time, and decrease operational costs. 

There’s never been a more critical time to implement a better final mile tracking solution. Glympse is flexible, scalable, and pre-integrated with several partners. Fill out our get started form to learn more.