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Dude, where is my package?

Delivery notification software solutions have existed for some time now, but customer needs have evolved to the point where the basic functions provided by most of these services are no longer sufficient. According to the fourth Global eCommerce Consumer Report issued by Meatpack, approximately 70% of consumers see the ability to track orders as one of their top three priorities when shopping online. Meanwhile, Glympse is changing the game for companies that rely on last mile delivery by offering real-time tracking software that creates new possibilities for increasing customer satisfaction and improving ROI.

Real-time updates vs. traditional track and trace

Traditional track and trace systems are designed to let a customer know when a package has shipped and give an estimated delivery time, and that’s usually about the extent of their effectiveness. They are the “good enough” solution, but in the current climate where e-commerce is more important than ever and customer expectations are at an all-time high, good enough just doesn’t cut it.

Compare that with a last mile solution from Glympse that is driven by real-time updates so that customers always know the status of their order down to the last detail. Real-time updates let customers adjust their schedules accordingly without any concern that they will miss their delivery, and it ultimately helps you significantly reduce customer frustration with the delivery process.

Why two-way communication is crucial

One of the most significant drawbacks of track and trace solutions is that they are effectively one-way delivery mediums. The vendor pushes notifications to the customer, but the customer has no way to update the vendor besides calling a customer service number.

With innovative two-way communication enabled through the Glympse platform, your customers can instantly send messages directly to the delivery professional, service tech, call center, etc., to let them know if the delivery needs to be rescheduled or canceled. With two-way communication, you’ll have fewer no-shows, and you’ll be empowered to optimize your route schedules.

Improving flexibility with proactive notifications

If every delivery proceeded exactly as planned, there wouldn’t be very much need for proactive notifications. Of course, we know that in the real world that isn’t the case, and delays and other unexpected situations often cause adjustments to be made.

In these instances, customers don’t want to have to call or message someone to find out what is happening with their delivery. Proactive notifications put your customers at ease and remove the worry that a minor setback could lead to more serious issues. Buyers don’t expect every delivery to go perfectly, but they’re much more likely to order from your business again if you notify them as soon as there is any kind of change.

Improving segment ROI through multiple measures

When you add up all of the advantages that Glympse solutions have over more simplistic track and trace systems, you get the double whammy of an enhanced customer experience for your buyers and an improved ROI for your last mile delivery. By increasing customer retention rates, shortening the average service window, reducing customer no-shows, and easing the volume of support calls, you can ensure that your last mile delivery effort is as profitable as possible, which will be crucial in the coming months and years.

Creating a new kind of last mile customer experience

It’s clear that while solutions that only provide customers with a delivery date and estimated time may have been good enough in the past, but they are far from adequate in the current competitive environment. Customers expect not only to be able to follow the stages of their delivery, but to be actively notified immediately of changes and to have a direct line to their delivery professional. Chris Ruff, President and CEO of Glympse said, “Our goal has always been to create a new kind of customer experience that defines the new standard in the last mile segment, and to empower businesses to find new ways to engage with buyers and make their mark in a competitive marketplace.”