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Build Your Own Software Or Buy A Last Mile Customer Experience Solution

Every type and size of company has seen the way they do business upended by the COVID-19 crisis, but companies that can benefit from last-mile delivery find themselves with a special set of new challenges to deal with. With access to public spaces severely restricted for the benefit of public health, customers are going to be relying on last-mile services more than ever, and it’s up to the innovators to rise to the occasion.

Speed and adaptability are the new primary virtues

In response to the current economic and operational reality, companies are putting their best minds to the task of innovating to thrive in the wake of COVID-19. One of the most important questions they have to ask themselves is, “How do we make our last mile experience stand out in the current environment: build our software from scratch or partner with a vendor that offers a ready-made last-mile solution?”

A major factor that companies must consider is speed and versatility in light of the current circumstances. Even with a robust software development team, building a solution from scratch requires a massive investment in time. Meanwhile, Glympse has a complete solution ready for immediate implementation with a proven pilot program so that your employees will be well-versed in the software in no time.

Building proprietary software requires time to fine-tune

In addition to the initial time to market required for building your own last-mile solution, you also have to factor in the amount of ongoing work that will be necessary for adjustments. In most cases when a company is designing their last-mile solution in house, there are several situations and variables that the brainstorming team and software engineers won’t be able to anticipate until the system is put into use, requiring them to expend additional resources to tweak the system to account for these circumstances. Compare this process that can go on for years with choosing a solution from a provider that has worked with dozens or hundreds of different clients across varying industries and has already incorporated features based on these kinds of scenarios into the solution for you.

The benefits of a simplified fee structure

Many people have only a vague understanding of the costs associated with building a versatile software solution from nothing, even if they know that it requires a larger upfront cost that will likely be amortized over the life of the system. To build a last-mile software platform, there are also many costs such as tapping fees, ongoing cloud server fees, and maintenance costs that need to be factored into the equation as well.

However, when you choose a last-mile solution from Glympse, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from paying simple and transparent fees. With Glympse, you’ll be able to easily budget for your last mile costs and quickly calculate the segment’s ROI for the health of your business.

Prioritizing security as everything goes digital

Customer interactions were already rapidly moving into the digital realm before the pandemic, and COVID-19 has only sped up the process. All last-mile interactions involve some points of sensitive customer data, and if you choose to create your solution in-house you must be prepared to invest in the security and privacy of the platform, or else the consequences could be severe. On the other hand, you could bypass the hassle of worrying about security concerns and implement a solution from Glympse, which features SOC 2 Type 2 certification and has an exemplary track record of safeguarding sensitive data.

Partner with a trusted vendor and install a solution that drives value for you

In this new environment, you have to differentiate your brand by offering personalized customer service and outstanding retail experiences with excellent last-mile service execution. It’s how you can give your customers added value in the current climate and ensure they have confidence in your experience every time they buy.