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Rollins Partners With Glympse To Enhance Last-Mile Capabilities

Recently, Rollins, Inc. announced that they would be incorporating Glympse real-time location sharing technology as a part of their last mile service initiative. Rollins will use Glympse technology to deliver accurate service appointment information to consumers and businesses, including the location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of Rollins technicians on the day of service.

About Rollins

Rollins, Inc. is a global leader in commercial and consumer services, focusing mostly on pest control services. They operate throughout the world via a network of wholly-owned subsidiaries, and are probably best known in the U.S. through the Orkin brand. One of Rollins’ primary goals is “to become the best service company in the world,” and their new partnership with Glympse is an important milestone on that journey.

Rollins’ personalized last mile service

The leaders at Rollins understand that they have a unique opportunity to go beyond what is base-line expected from a quality pest control service—namely professionalism and effective pest control treatments—and provide memorable service experiences to build even stronger connections with their customers. One area where there is an immense opportunity to achieve this goal is with their last mile service, or the time between when a service technician leaves their previous location and is en route to the customer. The company knows that people often plan their tight schedules around appointments that require access to the home, and that small improvements in visibility and reliability in this area can make a big difference in the life of a busy customer.

How Rollins uses Glympse technology to improve their customer experience

With location sharing technology built by Glympse, Rollins is able to redefine the way that the company engages with customers throughout the last mile experience. What was previously a static time period for the customer filled with worries about possible interruptions (“Will the technician get here on time?”, “Are they going to be able to find my house?”, etc.) is transformed into an active experience from the get-go once they opt in to receive personalized service notifications.

Not only will they receive SMS or email notifications, but customers also have the option to track the technician’s location on a live map with an updated ETA displayed for their convenience. This allows them to complete other tasks uninterrupted until the technician’s arrival, maximizing their valuable time throughout the interaction.

The value of personalized last mile service experiences

For any type of consumer company that competes in home delivery or has professionals traveling to meet the customer, you must have an exceptional last mile service strategy in order to thrive. When you are able to consistently create additional value through the last mile journey, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, reduce the volume of service center calls, and much more.

Real-time location sharing technology from Glympse enables companies to provide last mile experiences that are both customer-first, and helps them improve their own performance metrics. Companies that use Glympse have reduced customer “no-shows” by 20%, and increased revenue by limiting customer cancellations. Our powerful platform includes simple, intuitive tools that allow both company team members and customers to confidently operate the system from the first use. Reach out to one of our representatives today to learn more about how your company can use Glympse’s innovative location technology to create memorable last mile service experiences.