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4 Reasons to Go with Glympse as Your Last Mile Delivery Solution

Who is Glympse? 

Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” At Glympse, we want to understand where you’ve been so we can help get you where you need to go. This quote rings true for what your customers are looking for, too. They want to know where you’re coming from with their product or service, where you’re going, and when. And we know you want to provide the best customer experience possible. We can help with that! You can’t go wrong when you go with Glympse. 

We are the pioneer of location sharing and one of the leaders in providing last mile solutions for product and service delivery. Our real-time location sharing technology solves the last mile gap between companies and their customers. We offer a flexible platform as well as fully packaged software solutions for product & service delivery, roadside assistance, and curbside pickup. End-consumers are provided a single, personalized web-based experience with real-time live map tracking, proactive notifications, personalized offers, instant feedback, and voice capabilities. 

Glympse has spent over a decade providing these services and experiences that strike a harmonious balance between easy, safe, useful, temporary, and private.  But don’t just take our word for it. We like to let the Glympse success stories speak to the benefit of working with us. Take Albertsons Companies, Inc. for example. 

Go with Glympse: Albertsons Success Story 

Albertsons Companies, Inc. is the second-largest food and pharmacy retailer throughout the United States, and it includes familiar store brands such as Albertsons, Safeway, and Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, and Tom Thumb. They partnered with Glympse to implement new retail delivery and curbside pickup location technology. We especially like this story because it involved a lot of moving pieces. It involves online order, pick up in-store, as well as delivery of products.  

Albertsons employed the Glympse real-time location sharing platform for delivery orders, which connects brands and customers in ways that just weren’t possible before without the innovative technology behind it. Customers are now able to view a live map with an arrival time that’s clearly indicated. They don’t have to worry about their order while it’s in transit. Customers can also opt-in to get accurate, real-time push notifications about the location of their delivery driver. The SVP Digital and eCommerce at Albertsons Cos, Narayan Iyengar was quoted as saying, “We want to make our eCommerce experience as simple and transparent as possible. Our partnership with Glympse makes it even easier for customers to get their groceries however and whenever they want.”

Four Reasons to Go with Glympse 

You’ve heard the who, the what, but you still might be asking yourself “why” you should go with Glympse and what other benefits await you if you go down this road: 

  • Increase Revenue and Decrease Operational Costs: “I don’t want to decrease my operational costs and increase my revenue.”- said no one ever. Partnering with Glympse means lowering those operational costs. In some cases, we’ve seen partners decrease their costs by 30-40%. Not only that, but clients have also been able to increase revenue by preventing customer cancellations and re-reschedules due to inconvenience, to name a few. 
  • Customers Gain Efficiency: When you work with Glympse, you and your customers can expect to gain efficiencies. Especially when it comes to our curbside solution. We provide companies the ability to do their job more efficiently and better. For example, if you’re a grocer and you have a customer coming to do curbside pickup for their groceries, by tracking where they are, you know when you need to have the items ready, when to grab the hot items off the warmers or the frozen items out of the freezer. This way you avoid items thawing or getting cold, waiting around, wondering when your customer will show up, which is lost time and efficiency. For most Glympse customers, their goal is to get curbside items out in two minutes or less. Without the Glympse solution, in some instances, people are waiting 10-15 minutes! Learn more.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified: Your customers might not know exactly what this means and why it matters, but in today’s world, it is a very big deal. Data security and integrity are important. Working with Glympse, this isn’t something to be concerned about. With all of the location-sharing going on, we wouldn’t want that information to fall into the wrong hands. You want to work with someone who understands the importance of that level of safety and security. At Glympse, this certification was and is very important to us. In fact, we’re one of the smallest companies (employee wise) to achieve this certification. We take a lot of pride in it because it establishes and solidifies how important we take protecting your data. 
  • Customization: Our solution is incredibly flexible and customizable because of our platform first approach. Each and every one of our customers can design and implement a unique customer-facing experience. An experience that will match their business processes and their brand. Our multi-phase Glympse Journey is the hallmark of this experience. Customers get to pick which phases are relevant to their Journey and can exclude those that are not. The Glympse Journey is not “one size fits all.” It is a flexible framework that customers can leverage to make it their own. Compared to most of our competitors, this is a much different approach to last mile location-based customer experiences. 

Glympse has stayed true to our original convictions about what we believe the correct nature of location sharing is- safe, private, secure, temporary, and controlled. We believe that’s why we have been and continue to be successful. Increased revenue, decreased costs, gained efficiencies, SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and customization. These are just a few of the reasons to go with Glympse. To find out more, let’s connect.