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On the Go or at Home, Retailers Can Deliver Anywhere with the Power of Location

This week, Chris talks about the benefits of location sharing for retailers and his take on what they need in order to stand out to consumers in this on-demand economy.

How can location sharing help retailers build smarter on-demand experiences?

“People want services on demand.” says Chris, “Most of the time when we think of ‘on-demand’ we think of Uber and Lyft, but the reality is on-demand is a more complex opportunity for retailers.”

That’s because, as Chris explains, people are on the go, making decisions about purchases while they are moving around; at the soccer game, over lunch, on their bus ride into work. Shopping isn’t limited to the store or the living room anymore. 

According to Invesp, mobile devices account for 19 percent of all US retail e-commerce sales and this figure is estimated to reach 27 percent by the end of 2018. Chris says this about delivering to costumers, “If we can begin to meet them where they are, on their terms to deliver goods and services, in real-time, it changes the game for retailers.”

This article accentuates the importance of creating seamless, easy experiences for customers:

Eliminating customer friction should be a high priority for all companies, regardless of their specific market or role. Let’s face it, customers hate it when a service or sale has friction of any type; the more work they have to do to utilize your business, the less likely they are to become repeat customers.

Rather than seeing this as a challenge, Chris describes this as an exciting time for retailers. Glympse technology can connect people to businesses and businesses to consumers allowing retailers to quite literally deliver to their customers wherever they are. 

Watch the full video on Vimeo or below to hear Chris detail all the challenges ahead, and how Glympse is helping its customers navigate those challenges.