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Liberty Global selects location platform leader Glympse

We are so proud to announce that Liberty Global, the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, is working with us here at Glympse to transform how their Virgin Media customers receive important appointment details, including updates on the location and anticipated time of arrival of their technician. Using Glympse’s location technology, Liberty Global provides their customers with real-time updates on their smartphone, tablet or computer starting a day before their scheduled appointment and continuing right up until the moment the technician arrives.

It’s great for us to see leading companies utilizing our powerful and engaging platform to produce customer-facing experiences for their customers. Companies like Liberty Global, Sky, Rogers, Charter and Verizon, as well as many others, provide appointment updates, real-time location and an estimated time of arrival for each phase of the appointment life cycle.

What does this mean for their customers? That they will receive the most up-to-date information about their appointment in a convenient and easy-to-use way, eliminating the pain of waiting but not knowing when a technician will arrive.

More details on the Liberty Global/Glympse news release can be found here.  Or in publications like Broadband TV News.

Melanie Longdon, VP of Customer Experience Operations at Liberty Global, said: “We understand that being tied to your home for any extended period of time can be frustrating, even more so now than when compared to just a few years ago. We look forward to utilizing this powerful tool to help our customers plan for an in-home service appointment, and help make it as easy as possible to get on with their busy lives. The digital, interactive nature of this tool further ensures our customers can get the latest information about their appointment no matter how far off it is or where they happen to be.”

Neil Bartholomew, Executive Director, Consumer Customer Operations at Virgin Media said: “We know that waiting at home for a technician can be frustrating, even more so when you don’t know when they will actually get to you. Customer expectations are always increasing and this powerful new tool will provide clear, simple and transparent information to help our customers plan their day better and make it as easy as possible to get on with their busy lives.”

What do we say at Glympse?  That we really understand that time is one thing we all want more of in today’s busy world. And that we enjoy helping innovative companies give their customers simple yet powerful tools to help provide for a better customer experience. By creatively applying location data, our customers customers get transparency they can trust in a convenient, digital format.