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Keep Your Cool With An Uber-Like Solution for Your HVAC Customers

The summer is heating up and your phone is blowing up with calls from customers in need of fast service for their HVAC systems. It’s no wonder there’s such a high demand, with 60 percent of households now having central air and HVAC systems consuming the most energy in commercial spaces. 

They want their systems repaired or upgraded as soon as possible to avoid paying more due to inefficient equipment. But how can you continue to deliver excellence to your customers under increasing demand?

Don’t sweat it. Keep your cool with Glympse PRO. Mobile technologies are driving innovation in HVAC and they aren’t slowing down. Discover how Glympse PRO can help manage real-time communication and ETA updates for HVAC service calls with a one-two punch!

Real-time Communication

By text or email, your customers will see details about the current service call, directing them to view a web-based map customized for their order.

Glympse PRO features real-time, two-way communication, dynamically pushing messages to customers according to the driver’s location with geo-fencing logic. Best of all, we’ve optimized the system so the data doesn’t tax the technicians’ phone batteries.

Real-time Data and Location Tracking

Your customers are already accustomed to using restaurant delivery apps that deliver real-time data and location tracking that shows updates of the progress of their lunch order from the restaurant to their office. They’ll welcome the same capability to track an HVAC technician’s arrival.

Glympse PRO leverages the GPS built into your drivers’ current smartphones and tablets to keep track of their location as they progress to the customer’s location. The customers will see the technician’s progress on a map, so they can make better use of their time, knowing that service is about to arrive.

See How You Can Do More for Your HVAC Customers With the Glympse Beta Program

When temperatures skyrocket, more enterprise business owners will be clamoring for immediate service when their HVAC systems conk out. 

How you manage this demand will make a big difference in retaining loyal customers as well as expanding your customer base thanks to referrals from business professionals who are happy with the work you do and your attention to scheduling details.

You’ll see that it is possible to keep your cool with your customers through the many benefits of Glympse PRO.

As a savvy HVAC business owner, you know that you have to work hard to differentiate yourself from the local competition. Glympse PRO helps you serve customers more effectively, with a system that gives your customers the ability to receive multiple, proactive notification about driver arrival time.

At Glympse, we are gratified that business owners with an “early adopter” mindset to do what it takes to boost their bottom line have enrolled in the beta program we set up to improve how the app functions. 

Participating in our beta program means that members of our team may be contacting you periodically to get feedback about what you like and don’t like about the software. We are eager to get your suggestions about new features to further improve how you track technicians for your business.

You can sign up for Glympse PRO now, which is free for you to use during the beta program. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.