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Improve Service Levels with Award-Winning Technology

Field Service Awards Recognizes Glympse for Most Effective Technology Deployment to Increase Service Levels

We’re honored to share that WBR recognized us with a Field Service Technology award at the Field Service East 2017 conference Sept 25 – 27, 2017. Glympse won 2nd place in the category of “Most Effective Technology Deployment to Increase Service Levels.” A big thanks to the conference organizers and judges, and congratulations to our fellow award recipients.

We’re proud of our win, but even more proud of why we were recognized: because our technology helps brands connect with their customers better. Here are the details:

We Help Solve a Common CX Dilemma
Organizations that use Glympse want to ensure their customers always know when to expect a field agent. Informed customers are prepared customers, and prepared customers help field service teams continuously improve their performance and KPIs, including:

  •      Higher first-time resolutions
  •      Reduced calls to customer care (asking “Where’s my technician?”)
  •      Deflection of calls to lower-cost, self-service channels like chat, My Account apps and customer portals
  •      Reduced reschedules and cancellations, resulting in accelerated revenue collection
  •      Reduced service representative re-rolls due to customer no shows/not at homes, resulting in lower operational costs
  •      More appointments completed per day due to customers being available and on-time

We Take Our Partnerships Seriously
Glympse employs a number of strategies to help customers reach these goals, beginning with an extensible platform approach that enables companies to quickly plug-in Glympse En Route to their existing service architecture and workflow. This is enhanced by some of the productized integrations and go-to-market partnerships Glympse has built with leading field service management applications.

Next, Glympse brings strong technical and design resources to bear as part of each customer engagement. We ensure the final customer-facing viewer experience is a seamless component of each company’s holistic service engagement and consistent with their visual and brand identity. CX is a critical competitive differentiator that rapidly and continuously evolves, so Glympse makes it fast and easy to adapt that UI as customer needs and expectations evolve.

Finally, Glympse’s depth of experience with best-in-class service operations across a range of industries helps us leverage the leading approaches for our clients regardless of their sector or geographic location. The average consumer doesn’t compare their service experiences in a given sector (cable/telco, lawn care, furniture delivery, pest control, etc.) with other providers from the same vertical, but rather against the best and worst experiences they’ve had overall. Therefore, companies need to leverage the best ideas from anywhere they can find them. Glympse’s breadth of partners and customers, as well as our widely used consumer application, provide us with unmatched exposure to those best-of-breed ideas and approaches in location-sharing and journey-management, which we bring to consideration for every single enterprise deployment. 

Our Customers Get Results
Brands that use Glympse often see results in four key areas:

  •       Higher customer engagement
  •       Increased customer satisfaction
  •       Accelerated revenue, and
  •       Lower operational costs

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