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How the Customer Experience Can Empower Your Brand Image

Today, the customer experience is more critical than ever. Most businesses are facing increasing competition by brands with admittedly similar products and services to their own. Therefore, a key competitive advantage – not to mention a core value offering – has less to do with those products and services and is more about the quality of the experience they’re able to offer to consumers that their competitors cannot match. 

Never forget that the experience that someone has with your business will ultimately reflect how they see your larger brand. This is true of both positive and (especially) negative experiences. 

This is particularly true in field services businesses that offer things like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lawn care and more. You can hire multiple companies to service your lawn. Customers will flock to the one that makes the experience easier than everyone else.

Thankfully, improving your customer experience (CX isn’t necessarily difficult. You do, however, need keep a few key best practices in mind along the way. 

Building a Better Brand Image Through a More Effective Customer Experience

For a lot of organizations, immediate customer feedback can mean a world of difference in terms of how customers see a brand. It can also mean the difference between thriving and failing depending on your approach.

If a customer has a totally average experience that didn’t “WOW” them, but that also didn’t come with any negative elements, they’re not very likely to offer their opinion on places like social media. The two types of people who typically vocalize their experience are those who were incredibly satisfied and those who were extremely disappointed and/or angry.

In terms of immediate customer feedback, both are invaluable and need to be listened to. Pay attention to positive feedback to see which of your efforts are working. Pay close attention to negative feedback to see what you’re doing that isn’t working – so that you can get rid of it as quickly as possible.

The Best Customer Experience Begins with Technology

It’s also important to leverage modern technology to create not just a positive experience, but the type of experience that your competitors cannot match.

Case in point: Glympse. The Glympse solution helps many companies improve their growth through higher quality, more immersive and more engaging offerings, all while maintaining a consistent brand image at the exact same time. 

Powered by location technology, Glympse puts all the information a customer needs for a positive experience at their fingertips. They can track their delivery driver or other service provider in real-time so that they never have questions about when someone might arrive or where they are in the process. Glympse also offers two-way communication capabilities to keep customers informed and satisfied at all times.

As you create better experiences, you have more than just customers. You have a loyal army of brand advocates that sing your praises far and wide. 

Glympse’s lineup of solutions are built with a wide range of organizations in mind. From enterprise brands to startups to small and mid-sized businesses and everyone between, they help create the best possible experience for consumers. This in turn helps forge a positive and long-lasting impression within those consumers when it comes to your brand, allowing you to continue to thrive moving forward.

If you’d like to find out more information about how the customer experience can empower your brand image, or if you’d just like to learn about more ways that you can improve that brand image as much as possible, please don’t delay – contact Glympse today.