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How Integrated IVR Is Revolutionizing The Customer Experience (CX)

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Despite the fact that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has been around for quite some time, many companies are still struggling to get the desired results from its implementation. Companies can use integrated IVR as a key component of their cohesive service experience to deliver real value to customers, while saving money.

Effective IVR enhances the customer journey

There’s a common misconception in the B2C sphere that customers would rather not deal with IVR; that given the option, they would immediately choose speaking to a live representative over interacting with IVR every time. In reality, customers recognize that IVR can be incredibly helpful in streamlining their experiences with the company—they just expect it to be employed seamlessly.

We’ve all experienced a situation where we entered our account information with an IVR system, couldn’t get the information we needed after keying through numerous menus, and eventually were transferred to a live service representative who seemingly had no idea whom they were speaking to despite the previous interactions. Those are the types of situations that frustrate customers to no end, not the concept of IVR itself.

Brands can improve service and save money with IVR

From status updates on pending appointments to real-time account information and beyond, there are numerous ways that IVR can add value to the service experience from the customer’s point-of-view. Intuitive integrated IVR systems can immediately provide a caller with important updates and top-line information after pulling account details from a phone number on record, and confirming the account with the customer.

Companies that offer intuitive self-service options for callers save money on labor costs as well, and can work towards optimizing call center productivity since service reps are free to focus on more complex issues. Although software now makes it easy for customers to receive real-time updates on deliveries and technician locations by opting in to mobile notifications, not everyone wants or remembers to opt in. For these customers, IVR provides a simple and fast way to resolve their questions without taking up the time of service reps.

IVR and AI make for a powerful combination

Effective IVR in the 21st century needs to be more intelligent than ever before, and that’s exactly the quality that artificial intelligence brings to the equation. AI helps IVR go beyond conventional customer requests, and enables systems to mine and learn from databases in order to complete advanced tasks, such as predicting new customer orders based on previous ones. Coupled with AI, IVR technology is moving firmly towards the “smarter” technology that customers now expect when they call or text a brand concerning a service question.

IVR integration must be convenient and versatile

No matter how technologically impressive it is, IVR is only as useful as it is convenient. Customers and brands alike have to immediately see the value in its applications. When brands can easily connect it to multiple channels and callers can get accurate information quickly, then the true power of integrated IVR manifests itself.

That’s why the Glympse solution features integrated IVR capabilities that companies can use to engage with customers. With Glympse IVR Service, your customers can easily access multiple data points about their pending order or service, entirely customized by you. You can use Glympse IVR integration to streamline your CX execution, empower your team members to provide outstanding service, and reduce your call center costs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about all of the benefits that integrating with the Glympse IVR service can bring to your company.

How are you using IVR to create a superior customer experience for your customers?

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