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Glympse’s Curbside and Pickup Solution: Because Time is Valuable

Years ago we had a vision to create a solution for the Retail and Grocery industries that would utilize our location platform to simplify the curbside pickup process for both businesses and their customers. Something that would not only increase operational efficiency and cut costs, but would also deliver a better, more satisfying experience for the consumer.  A solution that would give traditional retailers a competitive edge in the era of digital transformation, while also combating the “Amazon Effect.”  And at a time when families are spending less than 37 minutes of quality time together a day, we wanted to find a way to give back even a little bit of that time.

Glympse’s Curbside and Pickup Solution

The marketplace has changed dramatically in the last few years, and at Glympse, we’ve done the same. As retailers have changed to provide more options for their increasingly busy and tech-savvy customers, we’ve kept pace to provide them with the ability to create a user-friendly, customer-first experience. We’ve created something that benefits businesses, their employees and their customers – all at the exact same time. 

How does it work? At the time of pickup, customers simply share their location to the business, allowing staff to prioritize their queue and optimize their time spent on pickup orders amidst their other responsibilities. Once the order is ready, the customer will be prompted to share location when on the way (location sharing is explicitly temporary for that single trip). Upon arrival, the store is alerted, a staff member brings the order to the vehicle and the customer is on their way. Customers have a positive and seamless interaction with your business and are off to spend their time on what matters most to them.

A Modern Solution for Modern Business

We help businesses reduce operational costs associated with offering curbside pickup options without skimping on customer service. By offering companies the tools to manage orders, view real-time customer ETA, and know exactly where to find their customers once they’ve arrived, store employees can focus on what matters; providing first-class experience, the kind that keeps them coming back again and again. 

At Glympse we understand that time is our most precious commodity. Showing that you value your customers’ time is a sure way to earn brand loyalty. 

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