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Chris Ruff Joins Service Council for their inService Podcast

Chris Ruff, CEO, Glympse

Our CEO, Chris Ruff, recently joined Service Council for their inService Podcast episode: “Overcoming the Misconception of Tracking with Chris Ruff, Glympse”. The CEO and host of Service Council’s inService Podcast, John Carroll, guided the conversation and ensured that all major talking points about tracking in the service industry were covered.

In this informational rich podcast, Chris explores the challenges and future surrounding employee GPS sharing in field service. Chris goes into depth about why he thinks we’re seeing a rise in employee frustration with tracking, common missteps when introducing these technologies, and how he is seeing organizations achieve successful buy-in.

A significant issue Chris addressed was the disconnect between field workers and the concept of being “tracked”. As per the 2023 Voice of the Field Service Engineer survey, “being tracked and traced by GPS or other means” ranks as the second least favorite aspect of a field service engineer’s job. This sentiment has seen a drastic rise, moving from rank #7 among frontline workers to #2 within a year.

Chris pointed out in the inService Podcast that this sentiment results from a substantial misunderstanding. GPS tracking of field service employees isn’t about punishment or mistrust. Instead, it streamlines operations, improves customer service, enhances the company’s bottom line, and benefits both the technician and the customer.

Furthermore, companies like Glympse ensure that employee safety is at the forefront of location sharing. At Glympse, we implement temporary location sharing. When a technician is en route to the customers location, their location is only shared when they are actively heading to the designed location. As soon as the technician arrives at the location, all GPS communication ceases. This ensures that employees’ location is safe and prevents unnecessary location sharing.

Glympse is so committed to providing safe, secure and temporary location data, we have complied with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) with SOC 2 Type 2 security compliance. Essentially, companies we work with can feel at ease knowing we have laid the groundwork for current and future security practices.

In addition, having a SOC report under your belt can better set you up for success with future audits and certifications. Companies such as TruGreen, Crate & Barrel, Charter, Williams Sonoma, Eletrolux, Papa Johns, Steelcase, and many more highly benefit from our intense security practices.

If you haven’t seen it already, we highly recommend you watch or listen to this podcast to gain CEO level insight into the future of the service industry. Here is where you can watch it today:


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