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A Quick Look at Glympse PRO

Glympse PRO gives you access to real-time geo tracking of your technicians to optimize routes, capture time on site, and ultimately get more jobs done. Glympse does the heavy lifting for you by processing and analyzing your location data to help you make better business decisions.

It is affordable and easy-to-use; no need to purchase an expensive enterprise-level platform or enter into a long-term commitment.

Benefits of Glympse PRO include:

  • Automate email and SMS communications with your customers
  • Reduce calls for support and updates from customers
  • Fewer missed appointments due to customers not being home
  • Signature or photo proof of job completion
  • Receive immediate, timely feedback

How Do I Get Started With Glympse PRO?

Getting started with Glympse PRO is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4:

1. Register for an account at

Confirm your account by clicking “verify sign up” in the email sent to you from Glympse.

2. Follow the on screen instructions to add payment method

Don’t worry! We won’t charge you during your free trial period and you can cancel at any time.

3. Add your technicians in your account

Sign in to You will be greeted with our “Let’s get started” pop-up which is our guided tutorial. You can decide if you want to do this now or later.

Next, navigate to our “technicians” tab and click on “add technician’s to get started. Populate the fields for adding a technician. Your technician will immediately get a text message prompting them to create an account.

Repeat this process until you have added all your users to Glympse PRO. If you want to learn more about this, please head to our support article to read “Add a Technician” and watch our video “How to Create and Manage Technicians”.

4. Schedule your jobs and assign to technicians (jobpopup image)

After you have added your users, navigate to our “appointments” page and click on “add appointment”. Next, you will see a window that will promote you to fill out all appropriate information about the job. Populate the fields for adding a job and assign a technician.

Once you have created a job, your customer will immediately receive a text message notifying them of their scheduled appointment (if you want to learn more about our notification system, read the article “How does e-mail/text notification work?”).

If you want to read more about creating an order, please read our article “Create an Order” and “The Order Process: From Start to Finish”.

Registration Process for Technicians

Let us briefly look how a technician will receive their invitation after you add them to Glympse PRO. This will provide you an overview of what the technician will receive once you invite them to Glympse PRO.

1. Technician will receive an invite to join Glympse PRO via text message

Techs will receive a text message from Glympse with an invite to join your company’s technician list. If your technician does not see a text message, be sure that you entered the correct phone number. The technician will click on the link in the text message to create a password for their account.

2. Technician will confirm their account setup and install the Glympse PRO app

After setting up their password, the technician will be prompted to download our Glympse PRO app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Technicians can view jobs assigned to them

After login into the Glympse PRO app, the technician will see all jobs that have been assigned to them with details of appointment and customer information. When the technician clicks on “En Route”, the customer will be notified of their location and their ETA. Please know your driver’s location will only be shown when they are in the Glympse PRO app and have marked that they are “en route” (on the way) to a job. Once a job is marked complete, location sharing will end. Glympse PRO provides location-sharing experiences that strike a harmonious balance between easy, safe, useful, temporary, and private.

If you want to provide your technician with a manual on how to operate their new Glympse PRO app, please send them our article “Support Manual – Driver/Technician”. We highly recommend you do so your technicians fully understand how our app works and how tracking is implement during job runs.