A Glympse Into Our Product Evolution

Glympse has evolved from a pure consumer mobile app focus in our early years, to building enterprise solutions, curbside pickup and SMB products and more. Throughout this journey, we have been exceptional at sticking to our core values while continuing these expansions, many times even pushing the boundaries of our business model to bring that same type of rich location sharing to new markets.

Who Relies on Glympse?

Small, mid-sized, and large companies around the world use Glympse to optimize service appointments, make deliveries, offer on-time pick-ups, and manage check-ins.

Glympse PRO

Glympse PRO sends your customers multiple proactive notifications via a web-based map, directing them to initially view, and then check back, with a unique URL where they can see your technician or delivery driver’s real-time journey to them. As the delivery or appointment draws closer, Glympse PRO updates that experience for an Uber-like experience. It even provides reschedule options, add-to-calendar capabilities, arrival confirmation and an instant request for feedback. 

Ready, Set, ROI

Glympse PRO is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that offers a medley of options, intuitive customer tools, and insightful data that informs immediate improvements.

Automation & Efficiency

Get reliable, secure location sharing and customer notification tools – all via an app or microsite. Automatically notify customers when you’re on the way, running late, or have arrived. Gather feedback and analytics to improve their experience.

Customize the Journey

Personalize the customer experience to beautifully align with your brand. Offer a professional, intuitive geo-location tool to efficiently engage customers with your services, deliveries and pickups.

Glympse Pro

Glympse 2GO

Glympse 2GO sends timely customer arrival notifications to your employees and staff so online orders can be prepared and brought to customers as soon as they arrive. This turnkey, end-to-end solution uses the customer’s location for a faster, easier pickup experience. It eliminates customer wait times, improves your staff efficiency through alerts of the customer’s real-time location, as well as provides a map of the customer’s journey to you to help you scale operations and provide a seamless and personalized experience.

Glympse 2GO

Location Sharing for Everyone

A quick and easy mobile app used globally by millions of people for temporarily sharing a location and ETA with family, friends and others! The Glympse app works on any mobile device, regardless if the recipient is on a different operating system than you. With just a few taps, you get a secure, temporary and customized way to share your real-time journey and ETA on a map, eliminating phone calls saying: “Where are you?” or “I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

Trusted by millions of users globally.