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Real-Time Visibility Success with Glympse

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Efficiently managing real-time visibility is paramount for businesses striving to maintain strong customer relationships. Keeping customers informed with the real-time location and ETA of, say, your technicians or drivers, is no longer just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Challenges like traffic congestion and unexpected road closures can significantly impact arrival times, potentially straining client satisfaction. To navigate these hurdles effectively, companies turn to companies like Glympse to provide location-sharing technologies and solutions to the many unique challenges they have.

At Glympse, our vision is to create innovative, personalized, and efficient mobile experiences harnessing the power and context of location sharing.

Our location tracking platform helps companies provide best-in-class location-based technology solutions. These solutions capture, ingest, and process data to predictively visualize and provide notifications and updates about where people, products, and assets are while in motion. In other words, we know a thing or two about this topic. Let’s take a step back and give more specifics on what, exactly, real-time location sharing looks like.

What is Location-Sharing Technology Tracking?

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Location-sharing technology is part of the process of sharing the driver’s location with all relevant stakeholders, such as fleet managers and clients. It’s a common misconception that this final step is the most straightforward part of driving to the clients’ or businesses’ requested location.

Companies with their own fleet face challenges, indeed, some being that they need to provide a real-time ETA of when their staff person will arrive for an appointment or delivery. With road closures, unexpected delays, weather —- it can be tough. This last mile is the LEAST efficient part of the process.

Delivery drivers and service technicians are often the face of the company today, so companies must offer a solution for providing a good customer experience, complete with letting that customer know exactly when a driver or technician will arrive.

The Importance of Real-Time Visibility

Companies are facing a problematic paradox. Customers increasingly expect faster last-mile delivery and/or service, but last-mile logistics accounts for over 50% of total costs.

Last-mile logistics could be more efficient due to the potential for mechanical issues, unexpected traffic, and individual driving habits. These logistical challenges occur when clients expect same-day job completion. With real-time visibility, clients can better prepare when the technician arrives at the front door, regardless of unexpected delays.

For years, Glympse continues to be the top choice for real-time visibility for companies like Papa Johns, Williams-Sonoma, Crate&Barrel, TruGreen, Steelcase, Electrolux, and so many more. Here are some of our testimonials from our partnerships: 

Utilizing Glympse’s location sharing technology significantly enhances the in-home customer service experience and reinforces our commitment to on-time appointment arrivals. By providing real-time updates, it allows customers to conveniently plan for their appointments and eliminate any wonder about when the technician will arrive.

We turned to Glympse to help enhance our customer experience. What we got was a powerful backend tool with tracking and reporting features that has improved how we manage our employee data and manage discrepancies.

By working with Glympse, we’re helping our customers provide their end customers even more visibility into technician location and ETA information with a custom branded web experience.

The Challenges of Real-Time Visibility

Companies with drivers or technicians in the field need to consider a real-time location-sharing solution as part of their customer experience. End customers view this as an extension of their relationship with your business. There are many challenges, though, associated with this. Here are a few:

  • Communication: Real-time visibility is essential for customers who want to track their technician or delivery driver’s arrival time with live updates and ETA.
  • Cost: Companies are averse to implementing due to the upfront cost or integration costs. However, losing a valuable customer in the long run costs more.
  • Customer expectations: Real-time visibility is an extension of the entire client experience. With increased competition, expectations are rising with demands for faster, more accurate visibility.
  • Efficiency: Businesses need to find ways to maximize efficiency with real-time location solutions and geo-tracking apps.
  • Friction: The final mile is where friction is most likely to occur, such as traffic and no-shows. Real-time visibility can minimize these problems with re-routing, traffic visibility, and instant notifications to the client. 
  • Speed: Customers expect their technicians or drivers to arrive ON TIME. Failure to locate a destination or deliver on time results in a negative client experience. Furthermore, losing a loyal customer can result in significant revenue loss.

To learn more about the challenges and success of real-time visibility, read our blog “Visibility VS Tracking: Why Visibility Into Employees’ Location is a Win for all”.

Why Should You Use Location Technology

Location-sharing technology improves the experience for employees at every stage of the last-mile process, from fleet managers to route supervisors and dispatchers. It can become more efficient with location technology. Working with a company like Glympse allows you to address the challenges we mention here, all the while lowering operational costs from the decreased truck rolls – and, more importantly, fewer calls to your call center or office asking, “Where is the technician?” or “Where is my package?”

Improved Customer Satisfaction

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It’s a no-brainer — location technology helps manage customer expectations and improve the end experience. Customers come to us because they are looking for a way to provide a great customer experience: one that automatically sends the real-time ETA of the tech or driver on the way, one that provides them with data around time-on-site, time of arrival, idling time, and more.

They stay with us because we help them lower their operational costs through fewer calls to care, fewer calls to the store — fewer “Where is my technician?” or “Where is the driver?” or simply, “Where are you?”

Increased Cost Savings

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While it’s true that the upfront cost of implementing location technology is expensive, it is important to get it started now. Without location technology, companies are far more likely to fall behind and lose loyal customers to their superior, technologically advanced competitors.

Our Glympse platform ensures companies are far ahead of the curb by providing live ETAs, automatic notifications, integrated banner ads for more revenue opportunities, and instant feedback from customers to find areas of improvement. With all of these in mind, it’s no wonder that one of our partners saw a remarkable 1.11% improved click through rate (CTR) within the customer journey with our integrated banner ads.

Glympse – the Pioneer of Location-Sharing

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Glympse is a pioneer of location-sharing technology. Every year, we work with the leading brands to provide solutions to their unique use case challenges involving location, visibility, and more.

Contact us today to see if we can help you solve your unique business challenges.